Developing IT & Service Enterprise in countries around the world.

We provide IT-related services and service platform operations. Entrust us with your overseas marketing support and IT needs with our original application packages.

  • CEMS
    CRS(Computer Reservation System), PMS(Project Management System)
    AMS(Attendance Management System), CMS(Contents Management System)
    SB(Store Base), MP(Manual Publisher)
  • Service
    Netherlands entrepreneurial support, management of your livelihood in the Netherlands. Overseas marketing, overseas company establishment support, VISA acquisition, overseas real estate agency and more.
  • WEB
    Home Page Creation, WEB System Development, Design Creation, Project Planning・Consultation, Promotional Item・Flyers・Pamphlet Creation

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CREATE ENTRANCE will open new doors

We provide complete support for enterprises considering expanding their market overseas as well as established enterprises overseas looking for professional assistance.
We also offer multi-language translation with our native staff, providing our international customers with the support they need.

Service Website


    By utilizing the latest design techniques, we provide a multi-device supported design which does not affect the end user’s device. Furthermore, due to our European and Japanese staff members we can provide you with the appropriate design based on your preference.
    We will develop your product from scratch as well as creating a website utilizing Wordpress. By reducing the time you spend on development, it is possible to maximize your efficiency for your business as well as providing support to attract your customer base.
    By using our multi-language supported CMS+EC system, open your very own online shop for your customers around the globe.
    By creating a landing page with a high conversion rate by the designer, it is possible to maximize the persuasion and appeal of your page. We will create your multi-language supported page for exhibition and or sales purposes.