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Variety of business packages, WEB production, IT system development tasks as well as overseas marketing support, overseas real estate agency and service enterprise development.

Life in the Netherlands

A community site for Japanese citizens living in the Netherlands.

A robust community website for the Japanese citizens living in the Netherlands. The website features many restaurants, towns, fashion, the latest news as well as featured locations to visit. A comprehensive guide for restaurants, town guide, fashion / apparel, vacation spots, night spots, lessons, job hunting, clubs, residential information, cultural information and a shopping system. You may even buy and sell items on the website.

Netherlands Entrepreneurial Support

A comprehensive support service for your business venture in the Netherlands.

This website provides support for Japanese and Japanese descent communities for their business ventures in the Netherlands. Although there are companies that provide partial support for enterprises as well as independent entrepreneurs, our service provides complete support from VISA acquisition, company establishment, residential support and account and management support as well. It is the one stop solution to your business ventures here in the Netherlands. Furthermore, with our extensive experience and know-how, we provide the highest quality service for an affordable price.


Find your new self with AlternaJob.

AlternaJob is a job posting site in order to assist Japanese citizens find their dream job domestically and abroad (Mainly abroad). There is no need to register to the website to take advantage of the features. Working abroad in a country you've always admired allows for learning a new language, capitalizing on your experience and values in order to expand your horizon in order to take on any task in the future. A definite advantage to form your career. Regardless of job hunting or changing occupations, cooperate with many enterprises within Europe and Asia. We provide complete support for anyone who wishes to broaden their professional career.